The Range

This shows the types of machine we supply - actual models vary from week to week because we strongly encourage pubs to cycle machines around to prevent customer from becoming bored with them. A new SWP each month and a new Kicker / Boxer ever quarter keeps things fresh and the cash flowing. The exception to the rule is the Retro Arcade cabinet, these machines seem to stay permanently in demand and with each unit having a total of SIXTY games in one, customers never seem to tire of the range.

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Retro Arcade machines

Both as upright cabinets and also cocktail tables - replacing existing tables means no lost floor space and each table earns income.

Customers are almost always VERY pleased to see a retro unit arrive - and enjoy playing it - giving them good value entertainment and fun - and you a good source of additional revenue.

Unlike the others, we use our own custom coin control interfaces and boards. We can let you choose any price you want rounded up or down to the nearest 5p.

We take 5p coins, 10p coins, 20p coins, 50p coins, £1 coins and £2 coins. If you prefer to take Euros (or even dollars), we can do that too if you lose one of the other coins - eg: drop the 5p and have a Euro option instead.

Retro games armed with a "take all" coin mech makes this product a real "pocket shrapnel reliever" and cash box filler.

The joysticks are of a much higher quality than the standard cheap units supplied by almost all other cabinet makers. the difference to a gamer is immediately noticable - and makes the difference between a table that is great to play - and one which is unresponsive and ultimately - unused.

Very High End Joysticks - unlike other tables
Mega Mech - takes ALL coins from 5p to £2
Genuine arcade buttons - not cheap lookalikes
(photo shows old style sticks - now replaced)

We also have ex-venue hire models for sale for home use (or your own pub) 12 months Guarantee for home use, 6 months for trade use.

pub machines, arcade machine, retro arcade, swp, awp, boxer, boxing, kicker


SWP, Skill with prizes, AWP, Amusement with prises, fruit machine, quiz
Skill with Prizes

Also known as SWPs

Some of our models LOOK more like an AWP which can help encourage users to play.

Confused by jargon?  What does SWP mean  and what does AWP mean? Does the difference matter?

SWP is a term used in the UK for coin operated games that are based on the players SKILL where prizes are rewarded for winning performances.

To be classed as a SWP the machine must be solely based on the players skill to win a prize as opposed to a game of chance - which is an AWP ("fruit machine")

As our machines are based on eye / hand coordination they rely on the players skill to achieve a prize.

Does it matter? YES!

An SWP does not require you to pay for an operators licence, it does not require a local authority permit for it to be operated and it is free from AMLD (Amusement Machine License Duty) which is currently £860 per year.

If we install it for you, 50% of everything in the cashbox at the end of the month is yours - and not a penny in rental or repairs ever. No duty, No licences, No permits.

Just add it to the pub's takings, pay tax and the rest is yours to spend as you wish.    

pub machines, arcade machine, retro arcade, swp, awp, boxer, boxing, kicker


Kicker Machines
Coming Soon

Kicker machines are a fantastic complement to the Boxers. Still very novel and punters just cannot get enough.

Appeals to a wider range of people as not everyone has upper body strength and speed needed for the boxers - but many have the ability to give a good hard kick.

Like the boxers, there seems to be no increase in violence or hassle with these machines - and indeed many landlords claim that they help to diffuse tension. If you have a BUSY pub on a Friday or Saturday night, then these machines - like the boxers, can take a few HUNDRED pounds per night. We look after the machine maintenance.

As with most of our machines, our custom coin mechs and controller boards mean we take ALL silver and gold coins from 5p to £2

kicker machine, kicker game
pub machines, arcade machine, retro arcade, swp, awp, boxer, boxing, kicker


Boxing machine, boxer machine, boxer, boxing
Boxer Machines

The Boxer machines are real money spinners - if you have a busy pub on a Thursday, Friday and Saturday night, this can transform a nights takings. A busy town pub with a mixed crowd can easily pull in a few hundred pounds on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights.

Although these are built well and aimed to be punched, the units DO require fairly regular repairs to the punchbags. With PubMachines, all that is handled by us at our expense.

When you have a machine on a profit share, not only do you not have to worry about repair costs - but you know that WE are as keen as you are to make sure downtime is kept to an absolute minimum.

With our supermechs that can accept 5p, 10p, 20p, 50p, £1 and £2 - allowing part credit too, free renting machines on a 50/50 split from us mean that your bar staff are not always handing out change - and your customers find it easier to give you their money.

If you choose not to accept 5p, we can accept 1 Euro coins if you prefer. We typically suggest you allow the equivalent of around 75p credit per Euro