Selling To Us

We make some of our machines from scratch, some we buy in pre-assembled parts and for some, we purchase brand new or excellent condition ex-demo items - for example boxer and kicker machines which have been factory refurbished or maintained in an excellent state of repair AND offered with a warrantee WILL attract our attention.

If you are planning to offer us your retail price, please don't, it will not result in a sale. If you are prepared to offer us wholesale / dealer / trade prices that are cheaper than we buy now for a quality that at least matches our current supplier, then we want to hear from you. We are quite small at the moment and our ordering quantities are modest - but we are growing as fast as we are able to turn stock around and our approach of offering great value is paying dividends.

We ARE interested in:

Arcade Cabinets and/or Pre-cut plywood panels. Must be quality ply, and around 18mm thick. Cabs / Panels must be cut and routed ready for T-section trim & dowel/biscuit  glue & screw assembly.
T-profile chrome trim - ditto gold / brass trim
Note / Bill acceptors - Need to accept £5, £10 and £20 - and provide pulses. 13 per £5, 27 per £10 and 55 per £20.  Must be cheap to program new note designs
Steel Coin Doors ideally with good quality locks already fitted
DPCO 12v relays 1A - 8A rating (we only need 1A but heavier contacts are not a problem)
CMOS - 4093, 4017, 14 way sockets, 16 way sockets
12V lead acid batteries (both gel type and wet traction) 17AH > 150AH
100w inverters (capable of indefinite duty at 100W / 120 VA)
12v battery chargers suitable for fast recharge of SLA batteries / regular batteries WITHOUT overcharge
PC Style power supply units 60W or greater
3 Watt (or higher) LED modules (not plug in lights) Red, Green & Blue, ideally with heatsink backing
JAMMA connectors pre-wired with loom
Unusual JAMMA cards - either original JAMMA compatible boards OR Original boards with JAMMA interface
Arcade Spec joysticks, Buttons and microswitches.  MUST be commercial / industrial specification & quality or they are of no interest.
Toughened tinted glass - ask for exact sizes
Adjustable feet (GOOD quality, not cheap plastic crap)
High end printed vinyl decals / logos in full colour
20", 22", 24" 26" monitors - LCD, LED & CRT.  Again, please may we remind you we are not interested in retail prices.
( Monitors need to be "auto on" when power is applied, no pressing little switches to make them come on. If it sees mains, it needs to power up, NOT standby).

We are NOT interested in:

Coin mechs - we have a superb supplier in China already that gives amazing quality at very good prices.
12v mechanical counters and electronic counters - both resettable and non-resettable - as above