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We have several ex-venue arcade machines
and skill machines for sale for home use
Please enquire if interested.


PubMachines is a new business based in Wellingborough Northamptonshire and specializes in leisure and gaming machines for the licensed trade. Arcade cocktail cabinets, upright arcade games, SWP machines, AWP machines and replacement parts too. For most of our machines, instead of providing outright sale, we prefer a profit share basis in exchange for free rental and of course full maintenance. In short, it provides piece of mind - and the ability to try new machines before selecting the ones which work best for you in your establishment. With no contract and no purchased machine to limit you, we can provide you with maximum flexibility and ALL cashflow is in your direction. You only pay us our commission out of profits earned by the machines. In short, if you have a pub, you will stand to profit with one or more of our machines

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50/50 Profit Share - WE pay install costs, repair costs & maintenance costs.

Cash flow is in YOUR direction

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Video Arcade Games, Skill With Prizes, Boxer & Kicker Machines